Friday, January 8, 2010

I Really Do Have Things To Say...

I guess I'm listening and observing and then somewhere down the road my subconscious kicks in about a thought I had, on that thing I heard or saw, and I'll head out on an idea to make it my own. I have learned, (I'm old enough to have learned hopefully) that a little study on any subject before jumping in will usually keep one from putting foot A in mouth B! I've discovered that research is fun and sometimes it's hard to know where to stop and just start doing. I struggle with that concept every day while trying to get to the torch, and yet here I am making an effort to post on my lonely blog. It's a goal I have for this year to be better and feel more comfortable blogging about "ME". That is what blogging is all about heh?

January is here and a new year of experience, bead shows, new beady friendships, educational opportunities and always new beads and more glass are filling up my calendar. It's going to be a fun year! I love this new shape I've been making. It's a rather flat bead called a squeeze. This one has silver leaf and a thread of red wrapped around twice.

The ORBS(OR Regional Bead Society) has our first meeting this Sunday at Aquila Glass School. I am honored to provide a leadership role this next year and hope we can develop some new fun ideas for bringing teachers and speakers to our area. Portland is so rich with arts, and glass, in particular, and there are great lampwork artists that call Portland home, so connecting the dots is on my agenda. If you're in the area, come join us. Go to the ORBS website to get the details.

Happy to be melting glass...

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