Monday, September 21, 2009

It's About Time!

I have been remiss in posting to my blog. As I recovered from the loss of our dog, I just got busy taking care of me and focusing on the shows I would doing this spring, summer and fall. I am here, do have a life with my husband John, am making beads and doing shows. This blog thing is somewhat like climbing Mt Hood. From a distance it looks beautiful and covered in snow most of the year it kind of takes my breath away when I see it. You WANT to be part of that mountain; majestic, free and awe inspiring. From the base it looks impossible to climb and the mental effort knowing you are about toh start up, seems insurmountable. Although I enjoy reading about, feeling involved in and watching the creative process of others, through their blogs and postings I don't actually understand how they get everything else done. It's not only the blog, it's Facebook, it's emails, it's sitiing at a torch, it's making jewelry, taking pictures, processing pictures, posting things here and there and trying to keep the cobwebs cleaned off of my website. I don't mean to whine, it just sounds like it! Then the excuses begin. Who cares what I have to say? Why would anyone be interested? I've got things screaming at me that I need to do. I must to get up out of this chair and conquer something that can be seen and realized. Not leaving the house to work has created some boundry problems. It's a challenge to compartmentalize each area when I'm doing several things at once all over the house. I've gotten better but still have areas to improve in, on regular posting and organizing my life around the business of beads.

My friend Mona has encouraged me to post (she's not the only one!), so this one is for her. The bead is a wonderful big focal that looks great on one of those sliding knot necklaces. This focal is made with a base of Pistachio, a dot sequence of Chalcedony and Latte and raised dots of Green Luster. It's all Gaffer, and I like using Gaffer Glass because of the intense colors. The Chalcedony was fun to use and stikes with beautiful colors almost immediately. I haven't used anything but Effetre for 5 years so using something different is fun, but I'm a little color challenged, being so used to the Effetre colors. The viscosity of the COE 90 (Bullseye) and COE 96 (Gaffer, Uroboros, Reichenbach, Zimmerman)glasses is a lot more tolerant to design, which I love.

I'm off to conquer the day!